Shipping update! Daemon Queen Release!

We’ve got an update chock-full of updatedness. Strap in, grab some iced tea, and then strap in a second time.


First and foremost, from our fulfillment partner Ship Naked:

Greetings Awful Fantasy Backers!

As of June 9th, 2017, we are preparing to pick, pack, and ship Awful Fantasy reward packages out to you. We expect to begin shipping this coming week, June 16th, 2017. If we run into any snags, we’ll provide an update to Awful Fantasy so they can let you know here. We’ll also provide them with another update once all picking, packing, and shipping is complete.

You should receive a shipping notification to the email you included in your survey or pledge manager when your package label is printed or scanned through the local facility.

Thank you for your support of Awful Fantasy!

– Ship Naked

It’s happening! We’re really excited to finally be getting Awful Fantasy: The Card Game out to you. We know you’re going to love it. We will be keeping you up-to-date on any information we get as it becomes available to us, so keep an eye on your email.

The Dæmon Queen’s Sæcret Tower

Guess what else we have?

For those of you who pledged at the $25 Adventure Level or who pre-ordered it, The Daemon Queen’s Saecret Tower is finished and should shortly be available to you! To access the PDF if you don’t receive a notification, visit your BackerKit profile page and select the Digital Downloads tab to see your download.

Here is a link to access your BackerKit profile page if you’ve lost the link:

Print and Play Version 2

After receiving a little feedback from our first Print and Play, we decided to tweak it a bit so it may be easier for some people who want to print out the sheets, glue them together, and then cut them into cards.

The new version offers pages of fronts that line up with pages of backs. The pages that line up with each other are labeled with a letter at the top corner. This should make it a little easier for some to get their game printed and on the table!

The new version should be available right along with the old version in your Backerkit digital download section.

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