Production Schedule!


Hope you had a great Decemberish Holiday time!

We wanted to fill you in on the latest developments with Awful Fantasy: The Card Game.

Recently, we made some tough calls in terms of how our game will be produced and decided that we will be going with Panda Game Manufacturing in China. We know we said we’d be using Ludo Fact, which is a fantastic company that produces amazing games. It was a difficult decision, but we have faith Panda Game Manufacturing will produce a great quality game and we’ll be able to deliver it without a hitch!

So, in the recent weeks, we have been working with Panda to get this game printed and sent out as soon as possible. However, due to the holidays and so forth, this process has taken a bit of time to get started.

We are currently in the Design Verification phase of printing.

We sent the print files to be approved last week and have received the first round of corrections from Panda over the weekend. We sent those corrections off last night.

Once the files are approved, they will make a digital proof for us to verify, and once that is approved, we can move on to the next step: Pre-production.

China celebrates their Chinese New Year at the end of January through about the second week of February. During these times, some parts of Panda Manufacturing will not be functioning due to people being on vacation. Once they are back at work, production can resume. Here is the current estimated timeline Panda Manufacturing has kindly provided us:

  • Design Verification: Feb 12
  • Pre-production: Feb 26
  • Mass production: Apr 24
  • Assembly: Apr 30
  • Fulfillment: May

Thank you so much for your patience and we can’t wait to get your game manufactured and shipped to you! And, we’re also kind of excited to get a copy ourselves.

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