Manufacturing update — Pre-Production Copy


Everything has been moving along at the expected pace, and I have received the pre-production copy in the mail earlier this week. Check it out!


I apologize that the images aren’t the best quality, but the game itself is pretty great. The box is a little dinged up and the cards are somewhat scratched, but since this is just the pre-production copy, the focus is just making sure the cards and box have the right images and text and so forth.

We have a meeting with Panda on Friday to approve this thing, then once that’s done, we will move on to the next step: mass production!

After a couple months of that, we move into assembly which is basically getting the games put together. Then, shipment.

A review of our manufacturing schedule:

Design Verification – Completed by Feb 12 – DONE!
Pre-Production – Completed by Feb 26 – ON TRACK!
Mass Production – Completed by Apr 24
Assembly – Completed by Apr 30

Survey Lockdown – April 15

Since we are getting closer to printing and shipping the games, we wanted to make sure everyone’s addresses are the most up-to-date. Remember to change your survey at Backerkit if you move or know where you will be moving to.

If you haven’t already filled out your Backerkit survey, I suggest you get that taken care of soon. We will be closing down all surveys on April 15. At that time, we will send your information to our fulfillment partner, Ship Naked.

If you don’t fill out your survey, then you won’t be sent a game! Get that thing filled out! How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!?

Straight Edge Kegger

Lastly, I wanted to share a Kickstarter that is currently going on: Straight Edge Kegger.

This indie horror film is being made by a good friend of mine, Jason Zink. I’ve worked with Jason in the past and he is a very dedicated and passionate film maker who is always making cool stuff.

So if you would, check out his project and back if you’re interested, or at least share it and tell your friends.



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