Only the biggest Lord of the Rings fans should take this test.

Question #1: If Gandalf could be any bird, living or dead, which bird would he be? (Hint: He ADORES bats!)

Wrong. It's always been very clear that Gandalf would have wanted to be a Blue-breasted Nipper Dipper. Just read the books! While he never directly says it, you can hear it in his voice.

Question #2: Samwise Gamgee once said, and I quote, “I sure would love that fucking ring of yours Mr. Frodo, I would sure like to use it for my own purposes.” What was Sam wanting to use the ring for?

Wrong! Sam would love to garden in the nude. Just ask Stephen Colbert, he knows!

Question #3: The land of Mordor, often known for its scenic beaches, is also home to what?

Wrong. While the Goblins, Orcs, Sauron and a big volcano have been living in Mordor home since the dawn of the 1st age, it was Age update 1.2 that they began calling Mordor "home".

Question #4: Where did the Entwives go?

Wrong! Even though Treebeard mentions that they have forgotten where the Entwives went, we all know he is senile, and they never existed in the first place. Ents have both reproductive parts and can pollinate themselves for hours on end.

Question #5: What are the words of House Baggins?

If you read the books, or watched the movie, you will be able to clearly see the Baggins family words on a sign hanging on the gate. The house words mean that the Baggins' are really into partying. They regularly listen to Andrew WK while smoking pipe weed.

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