General update and dumpster diving.

Figured we’d give you a little update as to where the game is now!

Art is still rolling in but Conor has done quite a lot! We can now officially say ALL Fantasy cards and ALL Awful cards have been completed! Now, Conor only has author cards to complete.

As Kai Ryssdal says, let’s do the numbers:

Fantasy Cards: 32/32  DONE!
Awful Cards: 11/11  DONE!
Author Cards: 10/28 18 LEFT!

Total: 53/71

Wanna see a couple more authors?

Neil Dayman and Robert “Air” Jordan

Shipping addresses

If you want to update your address at any time, you should be able to do so through Backerkit’s website. And we will send out a reminder to make sure your address is up-to-date when the game is getting close to shipping.

Dumpster Diver

Our friends at Megacon Games currently have a Kickstarter running right now for a funny, family-friendly card game called Dumpster Diver.


Do us a solid and check out their project, pledge and help them out, and share to your friends!

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