Checking in with some art

We just wanted to give a small update to you since we haven’t done so in a while. This is definitely a lull in new information while we wait for art to continue to come in. So, we figured we’d show you a few of the pieces we have gotten so far. We would show you all of them but we think it’ll be more fun to be surprised at least a little bit when you finally get the game.

The Hellhound’s leash was made from human tendons. Its spiked collar was made of human teeth. Its knitted sweater was made of human hair.


A Dargon suddenly flew out from behind the mountain. Hailyas noted it looked similar to a Dragon, but not nearly as cliché.


There are only a few surveys left. If you haven’t filled yours out yet, or lost the link, use this link to get yours submitted:

Again, you can edit your shipping/add-on info in your survey up until we lock the surveys down when we’re ready to ship. We want you to get your rewards!

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