Bonus Author Card from Brandon Sanderson himself! — Sand Branderson


We have finally received our Kickstarter funds and everything is underway! Conor has begun the long and arduous task of completing illustrations so we wanted to show you some stuff he’s done.

Firstly, here is a villain card for the most terrifying enemy of them all, The Dark Lord!


How terrifying!

And our very exciting news is that we reached out to Brandon Sanderson to see if he would be willing to come up with a playable Awful Fantasy: The Card Game author based on himself, and he said he would be honored to!

Behold, Sand Branderson!


Create empires and destroy them, all while getting a great tan when you play as this awful author! Special thanks to the great Brandon Sanderson for helping us out!

We will have much more to show you in the coming weeks as we get more art pouring in. Plus, more developments as they… well… develop.

See you soon.

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