Almost ready to print!


We just wanted to tell you that in the next couple weeks, Conor will be finished with all of the art for the game and we will be sending the files to the printer. Once the files have been submitted, there will be about a 2-3 month time period for the games to be printed and be ready to be shipped out. During that 2-3 month period, we will be getting everything in order with the fulfillment center for the games to be shipped when they are done being printed.

Our next update, later this month, will be to let you know that all art has been completed and that the files are off to the printer! In that update, we will be giving you a deadline to complete/update your Backerkit survey so that we send the game to the correct address. Once that deadline arrives, you will be unable to change your address.

Fantasy Cards: 32/32 DONE!
Awful Cards: 11/11 DONE!
Author Cards: 22/28 6 LEFT!

Total: 65/71

Also, Patrick Rothfurry wants you to have a good day.

Patrick Rothfurry

Patrick Rothfurry

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