Mid-art update

Hi! Sorry we haven’t posted much for a while, but really there hasn’t much to report. We are in the illustrating phase and we’re just letting Conor work his magic so the game can go to print. With that said, we wanted to go ahead and share an update telling you how everything is coming along.


We are a little past the halfway-point with the game’s art completion. Since the Kickstarter has ended, Conor has completed 32 card illustrations (plus 6 before/during the Kickstarter) and 33 illustrations are left. Here’s a breakdown of art completed:

Fantasy Cards: 30/32
Awful Cards: 1/11
Author Cards: 7/28

Total: 38/71

We expect to be fully finished with the art by the beginning of December or even the end of November. Then, we can send the design files to our manufacturer. At that point, it may be about 14 weeks for the games to be printed and ready to ship. That means we’re looking at around March for a ship date, just as we predicted. Man, we’re good at predicting.

Here are the most recent Author illustrations Conor has just finished:

Dr. Mary Shelley’s Monster, Anne Lice, and H.P. Dovecrapped


As for manufacturing, we have decided to go with a manufacturer called Ludo Fact. They are a printer based in Germany and have a great reputation for high-quality work. Recently, they purchased Jessup Paper Box (a manufacturing location based in Lafayette, IN) to help with game production within the United States. Luckily for us, that’s an hour away from where most of us currently live (not to mention the city in which we were all born). That means we may be able to record some behind-the-scenes footage of the manufacturing process when the time comes.

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