Almost all BackerKit surveys are in!

Things are still chugging along. Conor is cranking out the art, we’ve been getting a great response rate with BackerKit surveys, and in the meantime we’re in discussions with a manufacturer to make sure we get the best quality product we can.

We’ve almost received all of the BackerKit surveys back, but we just have a few more to get. If you don’t have the link to your survey for one reason or another, please follow this link to recover it:

You are able to edit your survey info up until we lock them down just before we ship. We’ll let you know before that happens, and give you as much info as we can (what shipping carrier we’re using, when we plan to ship, etc) to make sure you get your game without a hitch.

Oh, and Cthulhu says ‘hi.’


“Al gazed upon Cthulhu and was consumed with madness. Not the crazy kind, the angry kind. Cthulhu totally pissed him off. Cthulhu’s a dick.”

We hope you’re having a great week!

– Awful Fantasy

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